Videos (Cape Lookout, Wild Horses Shackleford Banks, Dolphin breaching in Beaufort, Boat crossing Beaufort Inlet) were taken on our various Excursions.

Ride, captain ride upon your mystery ship
Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip
Ride captain ride upon your mystery ship
On your way to a world that others might have missed  --Lyrics from the tune by Blues Image

An Introduction to H2O Captain's Mission Statement

H2O Captains' 1st Mate...Lucky the Dog!

The Cape Lookout Bight

Captain Mark Showing Two  Lovely Ladies Around Shackleford, Cape Lookout Lighthouse, Tiki Bar Boat, and other attractions in the area.

The Boating Experience while crossing the Beaufort Inlet

Baby Horse on Shackleford Banks on 21May21

A foal (baby horse) gets a lesson from its family on Shackleford (our most popular tour 27MAY21) Video captured by - Pearl Marley via White Gem Productions

The Wild Horses on Shackleford Banks

Dolphin breaching in Taylor's Creek in Beaufort

Latest News

Captain's Log

Captain's Logbook - 07. 21. 2021


Adventure Awaits!  H2O Captain is authorized by the National Park Service to have both boat and guided land excursions to The Cape Lookout National Seashore which includes seeing the wild horses and great shelling on Shackleford Banks, our most popular excursion.  Captain Mark looks forward to serving you this season where he has performed 47 excursions already (thru 7/21!) at the 3-way intersection of Fun, Safe, and Educational.

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