I'm gonna soak up the sun
I'm gonna tell everyone to lighten up

"Soak Up the Sun," Song by Sheryl Crow

Visitors come to H2O Captain Eco-Tour Private Boat Excursions and Cape Lookout National Seashore to take advantage of the recreational opportunities found on the islands of Cape Lookout and Shackleford Banks. Others are drawn to H2O Captain because they are interested in lighthouses, wild horses, or great shelling. Total recreational visits to the park are over 500,000 people per year.

At H2O Captain we welcome all visitors to the wonderful national resource of the seashore which belongs to all of us!  H2O Captain looks forward to lifting our anchor and taking you to Shackleford Island and Cape Lookout and other fine destinations along The Crystal Coast!

- Mary Ann W and her family, Houston, Texas, "BWB...Repeat"
"Thank you again for an amazing adventure and a bonus to take our shelling bag."

It was one of the most joyous, engaging, and informative three hours that we spent on our water cruise outside of Morehead City and Beaufort NC.
Mark was an incredibly comforting and accommodating host who consistently adjusted the ride for special scenic views, as a bonus we saw the horses on Carrot Island and dolphins up close, and to maintain the safest possible movement. In all, we could only tout at the highest level booking a cruise with Captain Mark."

- Steve W, Ohio "That experience on the island certainly made the non-ideal weather conditions worth the trip. Holly and Jeff also went on and on about how great of a captain you were, pointing out various locations and talking about history. You were great! I’ll be posting a review sometime this week. Thanks again!!  Can't thank you enough.  My niece is still talking about it.  We all had a blast."

- Stephen M, Pine Knoll Shores, NC "Captain Mark goes the extra mile to make sure you have an excursion that you enjoy and that your agenda is satisfied. He is safe, considerate, congenial, and a very competent boat captain."

- David J, Morehead City, NC "Thank you again for the great day on the water."

-  Karla S. and Family, NC  "Good evening and I am so grateful for you for accepting, we do wish we could have done the whole thing but we knew the wind wasn't on our side but it was still so beautiful. We enjoyed it so much and thank you for what you did for my mother, it was just amazing and the sights we saw after, the horses, dolphins a true sign from her and God that they were there with us. I hope to see you again when the weather is better and under different circumstances. Have a blessed week and it was just a pleasure meeting and speaking with you. Thank you for the history surrounding the area."

- Jacquelene K, Raleigh, NC  "We had SO much fun and can't wait to come back for more!  Thank you so much."

- Brandon S, Chicago, IL “Thanks for a great experience Captain Mark. We had a great time. Can you please send me the picture you took of us? Also, any good restaurant recommendations?”

- Maurice & Sarah I, Greenwich, CT "Thank you. We appreciated you and the day."

- Lisa S, San Diego, CA,  "Thank you so much for sharing the pictures! We had such a great time."

- Amanda S and family, Charlotte, NC  "We had a great time today! The kids have been asking if we can get a boat all evening LOL."

- Joanie C, South Boston, VA,  "My family and I had an absolutely wonderful day yesterday on the H20 Captain. Captain Mark is so knowledgeable about the waterways as he navigates the area. We were lucky enough to even see dolphins on the way back from Cape Lookout! We would highly recommend H20 Captain for an amazing experience!"

- Wendy G, Durham, NC, "Thanks!!"
- Kristen J-H from Morehead City, NC,  "H20 captain (Mark) is a fantastic captain. My husband and I had such a great experience and you couldn’t ask for a better day. H20 captain is patient, kind, and knows how to navigate all-around these waters. We also learned a lot about certain areas along the way including Cape Lookout and Shackleford Island. Thanks again for a perfect day!"

- David, Stephanie, and Oliver F. from Ohio wrote, "We had a great time! Thanks," on their excursion to see the wild horses on Shackleford (they saw 5 of them and collected some real nice shells!)

- Gail S. recommends H2O Captain, as seen on Facebook: "I was planning on a boat trip with my sister and her husband, unfortunately, hurricane Sally came through. the weather was pouring, cold and the ocean was wild. Captain H2O was understanding and refunded our money! such a kind and considerate man. I would recommend Captain H2O as he wants you to have a good time."

- Amy & family from Nebraska.  "We spent the afternoon with captain Mark from www.H2Ocaptain.com  and had an awesome time. He took us to Shackleford island where we saw wild horses and then we toured around the area in his boat. Can’t recommend this enough! Great time!!"

- Niki & family from North Carolina.  "Shelling and swimming and horses Oh My! Review of: BWB Repeat (Boat, Walk, Beach)
Our favorite part of our trip was stepping over a sand dune and seeing some of the wild horses coming right towards us. Captain Mark had lots of information about Shackleford Island and the history of the horses. We had plenty of time to do some shelling, swimming, and horse watching. On the way back, Captain Mark took us on a little tour through the Beaufort Inlet and pointed out some great places to eat. Even though some rain showed up on the way back, it was a remarkable experience."

- Brandon & Melanie's family from Texas.  "This was absolutely the best experience! All due to Captain Mark. He is so wonderful. We brought our 6 and 8 year old and he was so amazing with them!!!! DEFINITELY 5 stars"

- Meredith & Family from Texas.  Another 5 Star Review!!!!!  "This was our first time doing an excursion like this in the Beaufort area and we would now count it as a "must-do" part of a vacation here. Our entire family loved it! The boat ride was a blast, we learned a lot of history, and the beach Captain Mark took us to was incredible! He even surprised our two children with extra beach toys and floats! The boat was very comfortable and we loved being able to have a flexible itinerary to work around how we wanted to spend our time. Captain Mark goes above and beyond and we look forward to going again!"

-  Milton & Amelia from North Carolina:  "Where do we begin? We had a fabulous day with Captain Mark! My wife and I love this area and are planning to purchase a boat next summer. We were looking for someone with expertise in boating to show us around and give us guidance navigating the area. We were more than pleased with Captain Mark. We had a blast! He showed us the most beautiful spots while teaching us the rules of the waterway and boat navigation. He is a real professional and went above and beyond to show us what we needed to do to get started with boating. We were even lucky enough to see wild horses and dolphins - 3 times! We highly recommend Captain Mark and we look forward to boating with him again!"

-  Shirley from West Virginia:  "WOW Captain Mark.....really impressed with H20"

-  Dave from North Carolina:  "The Captain was very informative about the island and the surrounding area. We felt very safe on the boat ride over and back from the island."

-  Sarah from Kentucky:  "Thank you so much for the great trip yesterday!  It was a highlight for sure, and I think you even topped the pirate ship for the boys.  Thanks again for everything!!"

-  Linda from Maryland:  "Captain Mark did an excellent job getting us to Shackleford. We did a short hike on a sandy path to the ocean side. Beautiful beach! We also ran into about 4 wild horses including a baby.  Cape lookout lighthouse was next. Again excellent ride over. Walked on the boardwalk out to the ocean. Pristine beach. Captain Mark was always making sure we were well taken care of and were having fun. Highly recommend!!"

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Adventure Awaits!  H2O Captain is authorized by the National Park Service to have both boat and guided land excursions to The Cape Lookout National Seashore which includes seeing the wild horses and great shelling on Shackleford Banks, our most popular excursion.  Captain Mark looks forward to serving you in 2022 at the 3-way intersection of Fun, Safe, and Educational.

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