Checklist:  Ready to Cruise?


What should passengers bring for a fun and safe day out in the sun on the H2O Captain boat?

  • At H2O Captain we always think safety first. In this time of C-19, if you would like to have Captain Mark wear a face-covering just ask as he will be delighted to comply immediately with your wishes.  We carry onboard both the blue surgical and N95 masks for your comfort and safety.
  • Bathing suit (please wear under your clothing)
  • Long sleeves (to protect from the sun)
  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Boat shoes (these WILL get wet and sandy guaranteed!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Eyeglass and sunglass retainers (Croakies, Chums, etc.)
  • Sunblock lotion, with sunshine from above as well as reflected back from the water, you may need this!  (Please apply prior to your arrival).
  • Towel (especially for the Beach Yoga Excursion!)
  • Waterproof or resistant windbreaker and/or jacket (the air temperature is typically 10 degrees COOLER on the water than on land!)
  • Camera
  • Lunch or snacks as well as your favorite beverages.  Ask Captain Mark to prepare the dining table for your party.  H2O Captain will provide cold water.
  • Bug spray
  • If you are prone to getting seasick, please consult your physician.  A non-professional suggestion is to take your medication at bedtime the night prior to your departure, and approximately 1 hour prior to departure, or make sure you have it with you on board. We have found that as our boat is “open,” meaning no cabin, the constant fresh air is helpful in mitigating any seasick feelings.  So far no one has gotten ill.
  • A bag for all your belongings. 
  • A smaller bag for your valuables. Our preference is for you to leave ALL valuables on land!
  • A bag for shelling (if applicable on your excursion) will be supplied by H2O Captain!  Federal and State regulations do not allow creatures who haven’t abandoned their shell to be brought back on our boat.
  • And most importantly, your smile and sense of adventure!

Furthermore, H2O Captain has a first aid kit onboard.

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Captain's Log

Captain's Logbook - 09. 10. 2022


Adventure Awaits!  H2O Captain is authorized by the National Park Service to have both boat and guided land excursions to The Cape Lookout National Seashore which includes seeing the wild horses and great shelling on Shackleford Banks, our most popular excursion.  Captain Mark looks forward to serving you in 2022 at the 3-way intersection of Fun, Safe, and Educational.

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