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Boat to Cape Lookout and Shackleford

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H2O Captain Eco-Tour Private Boat Excursions is an authorized permittee of the National Park Service's Cape Lookout National Seashore to be able to perform tours on water and on land to view the wild horses of Shackleford Banks, and, of The Cape Lookout Lighthouse. Under the Governor of NC's order, people must wear face coverings when in public places where physical distancing is not possible. Because of the location of our private passengers, all on padded seats on our boat, face coverings will not be needed.

Our Private Boat Tours lasts 4+ hours. The tour itinerary is flexible. The typical departure time is 11:00am. Maximum of 6 passengers with all accommodated on cushioned seats. Nothing like a padded seat to absorb the waves! The best days of the week to have a wonderful experience are weekdays. Tours start at $349.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy our many miles of shoreline. You can practice social distancing by walking on the uncrowded beach while seeing our wild horses on Shackleford, take a scenic boat ride down the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), hopefully, see a pod of bottlenose dolphins (Flipper) or enjoy the beautiful local homes on the canals of Pine Knoll Shores and on Spooner’s Creek on the mainland as you explore all from the comfort of our Carolina Skiff 21 foot Ultra Elite Series with pickups in either Beaufort, Morehead City, or Atlantic Beach.

You will be greeted by Captain Mark and his 1st Mate, "Lucky" the dog. “Lucky is amazing, I love that dog!!! He can be in my boat anytime.” –Captain Jose P." Should you be allergic, Lucky will wait on land.

We believe in the power of bringing water and people together. This is why our excursions create compelling memories that deliver life-changing experiences!  Welcome Aboard, Enjoy the Excursions!


H2O Captain Eco-Tour Private Boat Excursions is authorized by the National Park Service to have both boat and land excursions to The Cape Lookout National Seashore which includes Shackleford Banks.  77 days out on the water, as of November 21.  Fun, safe, and educational times for all!

November 21,  Round We Go!

November 20,  Cape Lookout Lighthouse and Shackleford Banks:  H2O Captain was honored by the Carteret County Development Authority in taking part in transporting the videographer team (Chuck Hill) which is providing content for the 2021 Tourism Video for the Crystal Coast. Leaving port at 5am on a cold November morning to get to the Cape Lookout Lighthouse via the ocean before dawn created some great opportunities for Chuck and the team. Then off to Shackleford Banks where Captain Mark got his boat with 50 feet of a wild horse. This was followed by photographing 2 different species of dolphins on the way back as well as a fishing boat flocked by many birds including pelicans. A perfect day.

November 19,  On the Outside

October 12, Shackleford Banks

October 10, Shackleford Banks

October 8, Shackleford Banks

October 2, Sunset Cruise

September 27, 'Round We Go!

September 25, Sunset Cruise

September 24, Shackleford Banks

September 20, Sunset Cruise

September 17, Shackleford Banks (Canceled due to Mother Nature)

September 14, Shackleford Banks

September 13, Swansboro

September 11, Sand Dollar Island & Shackleford Banks (postponed until Oct 10)

September 7, Shackleford Banks

September 6, Shackleford Banks

September 4, Bird Shoal, Beaufort

September 3, Shackleford Banks

August 30, Beaufort and Boardwalk into the Rachel Carson Preserve

August 12, 'Round We Go!

August 28, Swansboro

August 27, Cape Lookout

August 24, Shackleford Banks

August 22, Shackleford Banks

August 21, Sunset Cruise

August 17, Sunset Cruise

August 16, Shackleford Banks

August 15, Shackleford Banks

August 14, Three Different Tiki Cruises

August 13/14, Shackleford Banks (Canceled due to Mother Nature)

August 12, Shackleford Banks

August 10, Shackleford Banks

August 9, Shackleford Banks

August 7, Three Different Tiki Cruises

August 5, Shackleford Banks

July 30,  Sunset Cruise

July 30,  Whale Creek, National Park Service Trip

July 26,  Sunset Cruise

July 24,  Cape Lookout

July 24,  Sunset Cruise

July 23,  Whale Creek, Shackleford

July 22,  Cape Lookout and The Bight

July 20,  Sunset Cruise

July 19,  Our Waterways:  Local Knowledge

July 17,  Sunset Cruise

July 15,  Sunset Cruise

July 14,  Sunset Cruise

July 12,  The Double Bill, Shackleford AND Cape Lookout!

July 10,  On The Outside, Cape Lookout

July  6,  BWB...Repeat Cruise

July 5,  Sunset Cruise

July 3 ,  Beaufort, Morehead City Sunset Cruise, Boathouse Lennoxville Point AND Sunset Cruise

June 28, Sunset Cruise

June 27, Sunset Cruise

June 26, Shackleford Banks and Rachel Carson Preserve

June 24, Sunset Cruise

June 23, Round We Go 

June 22, Cape Lookout Lighthouse (on the inside as the ocean was quite wavy and windy!)

June 21, Shackleford Banks (saw two foals!!)

June 20, Two excursions!!  Round We Go and Sunset Cruise

June 19, Sunset Cruise

June 13, Round We Go

June 8th, Shackleford Banks, plus going through Rachel Carson Preserve, Beaufort and MHC

June 7th, Sunset Cruise

Monday, June 1st, a beautiful day to go out to The Cape Lookout Lighthouse (see photos on www.facebook.com/h2ocaptain) with the Senior Captain of Island Express Ferries.

Wednesday, May 27th, another day on the Tiki Bar Boat celebrating a 38th Birthday with wonderful people from Virginia.

Tuesday, May 26th, As one of the Captains of Cruisin' Tikis, we had a good time with the owner and his wife this early this afternoon just prior to the rain commencing

Memorial Day Weekend 2020
Saturday, May 23rd, The Other 1/2 Excursion from the mainland to the island!
The fun started Friday, May 22nd sightseeing around Beaufort.

March 2020
Monday 9, t
rip to Shackleford Banks on a lovely day in March.  Crossing Beaufort Inlet was smooth with sand bars getting decidedly larger and growing more northward.  We cut back through Middle Marsh in low tide as a shortcut back to Beaufort for the entire length of Taylors Creek.  First Mate Lucky with Dave Tolley.

Early March:  Preparing to open up shop.  Waxing the boat.  Purchasing all new Type 1 Commercial Life Jackets with whistles and safety lights.  Change of oil, etc. in our 4-Stroke 150hp Suzuki Engine.

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Captain's Logbook - 09. 27. 2020


H2O Captain Eco-Tour Private Boat Excursions is authorized by the National Park Service to have both boat and land excursions to The Cape Lookout National Seashore which includes Shackleford Banks.  77 days out on the water, as of November 21.  Fun, safe, and educational times for all!

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